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Say Good bye to Seal Leaks 

Container Sealing Land Calculation

(Container Seal Pressure)


In order to ensure a good seal between the container and the die, it is essential that the seal land is calculated and maintained at the appropriate dimensions. Due to the high forces involved, a small change in land diameter can have a large effect on the resultant sealing force.


  • Complete the Spreadsheet with the extrusion press characteristics. 

  • Re-draw the liner face with the newly calculated sealing land dimension

  • Lay the drawing of the liner against the drawing of each die frame in turn ensure that

  • The liner seals only on the die or

  • Only on the die holder

  • Alignment Shear Blade should be done too.

cuerrent dondition.png
seal calculations.png

Increase Productivity
50 kgs/hr 

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