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Sharing Extrusion Knowledge

You can have access to Aluminium Extrusion Pedia for a low cost, less than 500 euros and you have a complete set of Best Procedures.

1.Temperature Management 

- Billet Temperatures

- Die Temperatures

Press Tooling Temperatures

- Ageing Temperatures

- Press Recipes 


2.Die Technology 

- Dies receipt and preparation

Dies used at the press

Dies  received from the press


3.Press Equipment 

- Press tooling

Billet handling

Clean out block and butt shear


4.Billet Technology 



- Inspection's Schedules

- NDT Inspections (Non Destructive Tests)

Extrusion Press Alignment

Press Tooling

Billet Heating and Handling equipment

Press Components Specifications

- Kennedy System Introduction


6.Waste Management

7.Die Design

- Die setup and tool stack

Die Design

8.Flow organization


9.Cost Reduction


10.Product development


11.Training Program



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