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Contact with us in or in if you need quotation for a nitriding oven.

Prices in actual world depends quantities and quality of the product we are looking for. We have excellent partners and always we are delivering prodcuts according with customer specifications. For us the most important is customer is satisfy with our products.

If you need dies from ALMAX / ALUMAT we need to talk with Tommaso Pinter

If you need nitriding Oven we need to contact with Jack from NITREX

If you need new press with Gaspar Fernandez from GIA.

If you need second hand press with Tom from Extrusion Supplies

If you need spare parts with Pierre from JAZA

If you need lubrication Equipment with ALTEA

If you need help in start up your business with Razvan Pop from LRH Unique Supplies

If you need one product in Aluminium with Eser from ODDO METAL

and is you need anything about B&C with GALISUR - PROYLAC

ALL of them are friends and you can contact directly with them, if you have any problem we can help.

In the case you need 

Audit Services

Consultant Services


Product Development

you can contact with Miguel Gago

Will be a pleasure to reply you about quotations, inquries, etc.

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